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Your business is our challenge!

We started coding since the Internet was just a new concept and we grew wings together. Use our experience to build great projects!

About Us

We are a small but powerful team built in 1999, with dedicated senior professionals that have more than 25 years experience in web development and design. 

Our portfolio

covers more than 200 websites, from a wide variety of business domains, with simple to very complex processes that had to be translated into digital actions.

We are agile

and we take each project with full responsibility offering it our best knowledge and creativity.

Every project

that we build is responsive, scalable, easy maintainable and optimized for a faster interaction with the end user.


Online Pioneering

Our company was founded when web development was also in its beginnings, so we dealt with many of its early problems but we were also mesmerized by what it can do, the impact it can have and the changes that it can bring.

When we started coding Google was not yet invented, Yahoo was the first online search engine on the market, with only one year experience and the Amazon platform was just a two years old toddler.

Members of our team took part in the development of important newcomers on the Romanian Internet stage:

The Internet is continually evolving and we love to always accept its challenges: new needs, new technologies, new design concepts, new media. 



We have been working together from ‘99. And I would not trade them for anyone. They are dynamic, quick, professional, creative. They do a professional work, with a professional team. I highly recommend them, but please don’t keep them too busy as we can’t manage without them!
— Manuela PREOTEASA, Director, EurActiv Romania
February 2019

I know Bogdan and Liviu for more than ten years, when we started our first project together, a presentation website for the Makita Corporation, a website different than the usual ones found on the internet in those days. The project was finished on time and as expected. We continued with the development of an application for the Romanian Makita branch. The result was so good that the solution was requested for implementation by other European branches and in the end it became a common platform for multiple countries but personalized for each specific user.
Recently, we have completed a new collaboration, a corporate presentation website for a new business. We expected it to have a new touch of originality. From the market’s feedback, it seems that we did it again. We received only strong positive feedback.
I do not know what the future brings, but I know that whenever necessary I will contact and collaborate again with the Direct Design team.
They are professionals, they know what and how to do things in order to find the needed original elements that take a website a step forward than a lot of others that you find and quickly forget when browsing through the internet.
— Victor NICA, CEO,
December 2018
We have been collaborating with Direct Design for more than 10 years. I believe that besides being honest, efficient, prompt, eager to help, always ready with a solution to any problem or request that might appear, their most important quality is a great availability to share what they know. And our biggest benefit was that we learned a lot from them about web design and especially about the best suited solutions for the institution’s online presence.
— Luminița GRUIA, Head of ICT, National Library of Romania
February 2019

The collaboration between the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest and the company Direct Design started in 2009, when they first built our website and continued within the following years with it’s ongoing maintenance. Beyond their professionalism, proved each time in finding solutions to all our demands, Direct Design has always answered promptly, acting in “real-time” by rapidly solving all our submitted requests. To all this I mention also the personal relationship that was built during all these years, as the members of the Direct Design team not only demonstrate a flawless competence in the field but also an absolute politeness, that they practice not formally but out of conviction and… education!
— Flavius A. BAIAS, Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest
February 2019

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