Although it is a presentation site, the amount of information that it holds and its complex yet easy to understand structure, transforms it in a mature platform. The CMS that we have built in the background is easy to understand and manage for any non-technical user.

Everything is organized in only 5 types of pages, each one being managed in its own administration module.

The list of available products is easy to use, filterable by therapeutic area, name, status or medical prescription.

In the career area, we have added three application forms for each of the three identified categories: students, graduates, senior professionals.

We have developed also a web template that is used to easily create similar “look&feel” presentation websites for multiple pharmaceutical products created by Biofarm, like: Carmol, Hemorocid, Sennalax, Carbocit, Extravalerianic.

The administration version is built identically to the production, so that the data administrator user can instantly see the effects of the changes in the information displayed.

Services Web Design / Web Development / CMS / Maintenance
Domain Pharmaceutical