The website is a beautiful premium portfolio for the products of an interior/exterior design international company.

The site focuses on two important areas: the portfolio with the finished design works that include products provided by the client and the catalog of the products offered by the client.

The layout that we proposed focuses on the images of the products and solves an important dilemma: how do we display many images keeping also a simple and usable website? On the homepage, each category

displays a mashup of image slices that corresponds to its subcategories. When hovering on a category, the image slice enlarges, giving the user a better view.

In the catalog area, in the details of a product, the user can directly select the product as “favourite” and it will be automatically added in a special field in the Contact form page. This is a very helpful feature that encourages the user to contact and communicate with the producer.

Another important feature is the one that lets the administrator of the website set and add product anchor points in any portfolio image for finished works. The effect is that modal sections are displayed with information and links to the specific anchored product.

Services Web Design / Web Development / CMS
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